Cost of living crisis sees eggs at the top of the menu for 50% of family favourite meals

Family meals: Market research conducted by The British Free Range Egg Association (BFREPA) highlights how the cost of living crisis has shaped eating trends in families. 2000 Mums and Dads across the UK were polled on their eating habits which also highlighted the top 20 dishes cooked by families and trends affecting their choice of meals.

Gary Ford, Chief Executive at BFREPA  said It’s clear from the research that  the way families are cooking has changed over the last few years with three-quarters of us cooking more meals from scratch to save money.”

And whilst Spaghetti Bolognese was the number 1 family favourite, eggs appeared in 50% of the top 20 dishes.

The most popular egg dish came in at number 3 with 43% of families enjoying omelettes.

Scrambled eggs came in at number 5 with 43% of families making this dish for a quick easy and very nutritious meal.

Whilst an egg was not the hero of all dishes, it is a core ingredient in other top 20 dishes including a good Mac and Cheese, homemade Florentine Pizza, Bubble and Squeak and Spaghetti Carbonara – where eggs give the dish a richer creamier texture.

In a bid to save money, 71% of those surveyed said they are regularly eating leftovers for lunch the next day – such as Bubble and Squeak which is a traditional Monday dish, using up leftover veg from Sunday lunch.

Families have been looking at healthier alternatives – and eggs are a rich source of protein and minerals and make an ideal, cost-effective staple ingredient. Simpler dishes like dippy eggs, scrambled eggs and omelettes are not only tasty and healthy, but they are also quick and easy for families to prepare.

Takeaways took a battering as the focus turned to healthier choices 

86%of those who took part in the survey spoke of ditching takeaways to save cash, with 59% admitting the increasing cost of food has helped them make healthier, home-cooked choices.

As many as seven in 10 (72%) parents are being thriftier with their cooking with 74% now cooking more meals from scratch.

The research also revealed:

42% are cooking with more frozen ingredients,

36% say they are buying less pre-prepared food.

72% of families in the UK say they have a go-to range of cost-saving meals that they regularly cook, with the average family having four in their own personal arsenal.

68% admit that they are sitting down and eating together as a family more in a bid to save money.

71% regularly eat leftovers for lunch the next day.

Alarmingly, 79% were at a loss when it came to deciding what to cook for dinner. The average family debated for 39 minutes a day about what to eat for their evening meal. Have a look at our recipes for ideas with eggs.

Here are the top 20 family meals as voted in the BFREPA poll:

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese – 49%
  2. Roast chicken – 45%
  3. Omelette – 43%
  4. Baked potato with cheese and beans – 41%
  5. Scrambled eggs on toast – 40%
  6. Cottage pie – 35%
  7. Chilli – 29%
  8. Ham, egg, and chips – 29%
  9. Pasta carbonara – 28%
  10. Sausage casserole – 26%
  11. Homemade vegetable soup – 23%
  12. Mac and cheese – 21%
  13. Homemade pizza – 21% (Florentine)
  14. Stew and dumplings – 21%
  15. Toad in the hole – 19%
  16. Egg fried rice – 18%
  17. Pork chops – 17%
  18. Roast pork – 16%
  19. Bubble and squeak – 16%
  20. Dippy eggs and soldiers – 15%