At The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, we are proud to be able to offer the ‘Lakes Organic’  egg brand. Our discerning consumers appreciate these naturally great tasting eggs, produced with ethics, animal welfare and sustainability at heart.

Lakes Organic eggs 6pkBased on the edge of the Lake District, we produce, collect and distribute organic eggs with a really great taste, packed with outstanding natural goodness.

For consumers who care about the environment in which we live

Our eggs are produced by small flocks of hens free to roam in lots of space in some of the most breathtaking and beautiful places in Cumbria and the Lake District. This landscape is reflected in our packaging which encapsulates the stunning fells and lakes of the Lake District –   now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Lakes fells and hens


Our Organic Egg Standards

When it has to be an organic egg, you can trust that’s what you’ll get from The Lakes. We have an industry-leading approach to animal welfare and our environment, so you’ll be pleased to know our hens are some of the healthiest, most contented hens producing organic eggs.

  • Animal welfare and environmental enhancement is core to our ethos
  • Our flocks are fed on a natural diet of organically approved ration
  • Hens have room to range outdoors under trees
  • Their ranges are twice the size of the legal requirement
  • We never have more than 3,000 hens in our flocks
  • We don’t use any chemical pesticides
  • We exceed standards set by codes of practice
  • Our state of the art packing facilities minimises our carbon footprint

The quality of our organic eggs is guaranteed by using higher standards than codes of practice require. We continually exceed regulatory requirements from the animal welfare organisation RSPCA Assured, the British Egg Industry Council and the British Retail farmers and growers logo

We are also certified by Organic Farmers & Growers who were the first body to be approved by the government to carry out inspections and certify organic farmers and food producers.

The right environment for organic egg production

We are industry leading in creating rich natural habitats for hens to produce naturally organic eggs. We plant native trees and hedges to promote indigenous wildlife and encourage our hens to range further. We are proud to work with some of the best feathered and most laid back hens you could meet. Find out more about our environmental work here

Family Farms

All of our organic egg producers have small family farms and flocks of around 3,000 hens. Hens are fed a natural diet of organically approved rations with no GM ingredients. The hens wander on ranges that are managed without chemical pesticides and you’ll find there are, on average, 2,000 trees or shrubs providing excellent cover for our flocks.

All our farmer producer’s plant native trees and hedges to improve the free-range habitat for their hens and to promote indigenous wildlife. We are now seeing the return of endangered species like Barn Owls and Red Squirrels.

Industry Pioneers

We were the first to enrich ranges and the environment with tree planting because we know that it provides excellent cover for our hens, nurturing them to roam more freely outdoors and encouraging natural behaviour like dust bathing, flying and perching in trees or taking cover under the canopy.

Healthy Hensfree range hens in autumn

Roaming freely like this reduces stress and this has now been proven in animal welfare research. Our flocks are fortunate because their ranges are twice the size of the legal requirement. It means our hens are healthy, contented and produce some of the best tasting organic eggs.

Sustainable organic egg production

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company has always adopted the principles of the Three E’s that encompass sustainability:

Ethical – Environmental – Economical

We did this from the start, long before it was common practice to consider the environment and animal welfare as part of business practice. We adopt leading animal welfare combined with environmental best practice; we also focus on supporting our rural economy where possible.

  • Sustaining rural economies
  • Recycle, reduce and reuse
  • Reducing our carbon footprint

We are proud to work in a spectacular setting, with some of the best feathered and most laid back hens you could meet. That’s why we have confidence in our organic egg brand – it reflects the traditional heritage of the Lake District way of life and a natural way to produce great tasting eggs.

In 2018 The Lakes received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. This ethical provenance is embraced in our brand ‘Lakes Organic’.

Where can you buy the Lakes Organic brand of eggs?

Booths – High-end supermarkets in Northern England – mainly in Lancashire, with stores in Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

View of Ullswater for Lakes Organic eggs