Free Range Egg Producers:

Our Free Range Egg Producers are our key asset and we are proud to have an exceptionally high retention rate. Almost without exception, our producers are small family farms with a long history in livestock tending and care, sometimes going back generations on the same farm.

We have a young team of dedicated egg producers. They happily embrace new ideas and are keen to learn new methods, driving quality forward. At the same time, relying on their history and family past in livestock production to manage birds in a dedicated, welfare friendly way.

They understand the land and their surroundings and are keen to keep them in good heart for future generations.

  • 50% of our producers are on small family hill farms on severely disadvantaged land and are now making a viable living. It has enabled younger generations to return to the family farm.
  • The Lakes Free Range Egg Company is STILL the only packer demanding all producers have FARM SPECIFIC Bio-diversity Action Plans that are independently monitored.
  • Farms average 2,000 native trees/shrubs – aiming to cover 20% of range area
  • Like us, all our producers are members of the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), so you will always find the “Lion” printed on our eggs.

Producers are supported by our Agricultural Team. They make regular farm visits, ensuring range enrichment is carried out and providing help and advice on flock management.


Producer support:

Our producer training is leading edge – we have developed a bespoke free range production course with Scottish Agriculture Colleges and Newton Rigg Agricultural College ‘Advanced Training Scheme for Poultry Management’.

Producer Days allow us to share information, learn from each other and specialist speakers and benchmark against our industry. Our producers have an INDUSTRY LEADING 314 eggs/bird/year compared to the industry average 290 eggs.

If you want to know more about our producers, please use ‘Trace Your Egg’ by entering the code on your egg to find its farm of origin and meet the producer.

If you have not yet bought any of our eggs try the sample code 1UK10332