Introducing our egg brands

Here at the Lakes Free Range Egg Company we work closely with retailers to supply free range and organic free range eggs, be that own label or one of our respected brands, packed with provenance.

The Lakes brands are underpinned by our environmental and animal welfare ethos and produced on farms local to our factory. Launched in 2012 our Laid with Love® brand has the same provenance, with added health benefits and it also supports cancer research.

The Lakes

The taste of outstanding natural goodness. The Lakes brand packaging is modern, but the provenance behind ‘The Lakes’ free range eggs remains as strong as ever – it keeps us at the leading edge of welfare, ethical and environmental standards.

‘The Lakes’ free range eggs are produced on small family farms that are range enriched. By this, we mean hen ranges that have plenty of trees and shrubs so the hens can shelter. Our farmers plant native trees and hedges to promote indigenous wildlife and improve the free range habitat for our hens. This is core to our ethos and we are proud to work with some of the best feathered and most laid back hens you could meet. Read more about The Lakes brand here.

The Lakes Organic 

Organic – our latest free range addition. Demand for our organic free range eggs has grown, so we have recently developed our Lakes Organic brand, creating packaging that sits comfortably alongside its free range sister brand. Read more about the Lakes Organic brand here


Laid With Love ®

Designed with health and wellbeing in mind. You can find these eggs in bright pink egg boxes, on which sits a very contented Henrietta Hen. Laid with Love® eggs have special health benefits because of the extra Lutein added to our hens’ diet which also gives them extra yellow yolks. Our eggs contain more Lutein than standard eggs, which means there are even more anti-oxidants– so they’re even healthier for you too.…. and by donating 2p per dozen to support cancer research, we think it makes them taste even better. Read more about Laid With Love eggs.

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P.S. Did you know, Lutein has lots of health benefits– it’s good for your heart, brain and eyes (people take Lutein supplements to help prevent age-related macular degeneration)