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25 03, 2024

Easter Traditions – the Simnel Cake, baked with love

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What is so traditional about Simnel Cake

In the run-up to Easter, avid bakers will be preparing a traditional Easter Simnel Cake. But why is it a traditionally seasonal bake and why are there 11 marzipan balls on the top?

A Simnel […]

23 03, 2024

Easter Simnel Cake

March 23rd, 2024|Recipes|Comments Off on Easter Simnel Cake|


Easter Simnel Cake

Traditionally made at Easter – read more here Conventionally eleven marzipan balls are used to decorate the cake, with a story that the balls represent the twelve apostles, minus Judas   This marzipan decorating tradition developed late in the […]

1 03, 2024

HB Bacon & Egg Pie Twist

March 1st, 2024|Recipes|Comments Off on HB Bacon & Egg Pie Twist|


Hairy Bikers Bacon & Egg Pie with a twist

In a nod to Cumbrian-born chef and half of the Hairy Bikers – Dave Myers, who sadly died in February 24, we’ve taken their Bacon & Egg Pie and added […]