Eggs top menu at food and drink show

Lakes eggs were ‘dish of the day’ at first Rheged Food & Drink Festival. Chefs from across the county praised their raw ingredients – with eggs and charcuterie firmly on the menu.

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company (The Lakes) […]

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Banana Bread



Banana Bread

“Quite simply the best Banana Bread we’ve ever made. It comes from the Leon Happy Baking recipe book (created by Leon Restaurant founder Henry Dimbleby and Claire Ptak who made the wedding cake for Prince Harry and Megan […]

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The Lakes visits top Chefs to put eggs on menu

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company is producing eggs for Cumbria’s finest chefs at new food and drink show

A Cumbrian egg producer and packer is promoting eggs to top chefs in Cumbria. The Lakes Free Range Egg Co. (The […]

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Sponsoring 1st Rheged Food and Drink Show

The Lakes is proud to be sponsoring the first Rheged Food & Drink Show 14th & 15th September

We’re delighted to be the sponsor of the first Rheged Food & Drink Show which is being held just across the […]

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Hedgehog Cake


Hedgehog Cake

“A celebration cake for the start of the #GBBO season. It has a touch of woodland style – fully equipped with edible spikes – there’s nothing flaky about this Hedgehog.”

150 g unsalted butter (plus extra for greasing)150 g […]

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Blueberry Cheesecake


Blueberry Cheesecake

“A rich, creamy cheesecake cut by a sharper fruit topping. Luxurious.” And it’s a really Royal desert. We spotted this recipe in Hello Magazine which featured a new recipe book created by the mastermind behind the Duke and […]

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Eggs – made smarter

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company – a Cumbrian egg producer and packer, is one of the manufacturing firms in Cumbria that has signed up to ‘Made Smarter’ – a business-led programme which aims to use digital technology to […]

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Eggs blast off for science day

A record number of egg astronauts blasted off from Ullswater Community College (UCC) in Penrith this month – thanks to the careful preparation of parachutes and space capsules by primary school pupils from across Eden. The activity was part of […]

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Mmm Meringues



Meringues are the base of many desserts including Eton Mess. But you can’t beat a simple meringue with some whipped cream and a strawberry (or any soft fruit in season). Enjoy

4 free-range egg whitespinch salt225 g/8oz caster sugar4 tsp […]

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Asparagus & Eggs


Asparagus & Eggs

The simplest of seasonal dishes – easy to prepare and very and tasty. Asparagus and eggs go well with spinach, prosciutto ham and cheeses like parmesan and goats cheese

Ingredients2 large slices of good sourdough breadextra virgin olive […]

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