Sustainable free range egg production

At The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, our products have strong ethical, environmental and sustainable provenance – something demanded by consumers and our key customers.

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“Environmental provenance + enhanced animal welfare = commercially sustainable family farms.”

Our production model is based on leading animal welfare combined with environmental best practice; it also focuses on supporting our rural economy where possible. It is a model that’s replicable and sustainable – even for the 50% of our producers who farm on severely disadvantaged land.


David and Helen with their children

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What makes us pioneers in sustainability?

  • Most of our producer’s farm within 30 miles of the packing centre – we keep food miles to the minimum.
  • Our new state of the art egg packing centre was built by local craftsmen and suppliers, with the latest technologies to minimise our effect on the environment.
  • Commitment to recycling, reusing and reducing: 0% to landfill, 50% reduction in water consumption.
  • Installation of biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps and solar energy creates renewable energy.
  • We have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry
  • Bio-diversity Action Plans that enriches ranges and benefits local wildlife
  • Enhanced ranges improve animal welfare and egg production; our hens lay an industry leading 314 eggs/year which helps make our producers more profitable.
  • Previously unprofitable farms on severely disadvantaged land are now making a living and families are returning to farming.
  • 70% of our turnover remains within our local community
  • Many of our factory staff can walk to work!
  • Shared learning with customers like: McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s, Booths.
  • We work with schools and colleges to promote awareness of local, sustainable farming.

We set the Sustainability benchmark in the industry and the UK:

  • McDonald’s use us as a Global Case study for Environmental Sustainability
  • Global Green Apple Gold Award for Environmental Improvement
  • British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) Awarded us ‘Farm Business of the Year’
  • Business In the Community Awarded us 4 National Sustainability Awards:
    • National Environmental Leadership
    • National Sustainable Supply Chain
    • National Rural Action
    • National Sustainable Products and Services
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