Roger and Helen plant treesOur Agricultural Team

Here at The Lakes, our Agricultural Team ensures our own flocks are well managed and that our producers have all the support they need to develop their own free range production business.  We have now taken this a stage further by closing the loop in our production process ….

Pullet rearing: Revolutionising pullet rearing, we have developed state of the art chick rearing facilities with our sister company ‘Performance Pullets’.  Rearing our own chicks means we have better control and are able to influence the development of our free range hens from day one.   

Today, Head of Agriculture, Roger Gill oversees a growing team that looks after:

  • Daily management of ‘The Lakes’ own laying flocks
  • Management and development of chick rearing facilities
  • The transition of point of lay pullets to producer farms and our own
  • Farm visits, advice and support for producers
  • Training and Producer Days