Putting the right eggs in your shopping basket at Tesco is continuing to raise a healthy sum of money for Cancer Research UK. Laid with LoveTM free-range eggs were initially launched in Cumbrian Tesco stores as part of their commitment to local suppliers. Stores in Carlisle, Whitehaven and Workington all got behind the local product which has now rolled out to more stores across the North West.

The Laid With Love brand pledges to donate 2p per dozen to cancer research; the latest cheque for £3,500 was presented to Cancer Research UK for £3,500 at the Tesco Carlisle store.

The Laid With LoveTM brand was created by the Lakes Free Range Egg Company at Stainton near Penrith; they work with local producers in Cumbria and north Lancashire. The hens are fed on an enriched diet that includes Lutein (a Marigold extract), which is a natural anti-oxidant that also makes the yolks an extra rich colour. Research has indicated positive health benefits of Lutein – fighting everything from cancer prevention to eyesight problems and aging.

When launched, the striking pink packaging and Henrietta the Hen’s promise of a donation to cancer research appealed to customers. Since then the brand has built a healthy following of loyal customers.

David Brass Chief Executive at the Lakes Free Range Egg Company said “We wanted to develop a brand that fits with our ethical stance of the highest animal welfare and environmental standards, and at the same time, we wanted to support a cause close to our hearts.   Our Laid With LoveTM eggs are extra healthy, have naturally vibrant yellow yolks and are packed in bright pink recycled boxes. We believed customers would love them once they had tried them and the results from Tesco sales indicate they do.”

Phil Pearson, Store Manager at the Tesco Rosehill store, said; “Laid With LoveTM is a fantastic locally sourced product that supports a great cause. The brand offers consumers a unique proposition, an egg which not only combines great taste and nutrition but provides a means to help in the fight against cancer – we’ve been right behind it since it launched in 2012 and are pleased customers and love the brand too. We had a massive staff turnout for CRUK Race For Life in Carlisle, which goes to show how important the cause is. ”

Since launch, a healthy balance of donations for Cancer Research UK has been collected from the Tesco sales. Natasha Patel, Local Fundraising Manager for CRUK said “One in two people are now being diagnosed with cancer. Laid with Love TM eggs are helping to fund research, which will help more men, women and children survive.

It’s fantastic that The Lakes Free Range Egg Company have chosen to donate vital monies to Cancer Research UK. The funds will go towards the charity’s research to beat over 200 types of cancer, helping to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.”

Although the number of people being diagnosed with cancer is going up the good news is that, thanks to research, survival rates have doubled in the past 40 years.  More people across the UK are now beating the disease than ever before. Cancer Research UK’s work is at the heart of that progress.

Cancer Research UK receives no Government funding for its ground-breaking research.  So funds raised through supporters like The Lakes Free Range Egg Company and their customers is crucial to the work of doctors, nurses and scientists who work day and night to fight cancer on all fronts.”