A member of a Penrith Slimming World Class said eggs helped her on her journey to lose more than 15 stone. We wanted to say well done and what an inspiration. We supported Claire on her journey by providing some of the eggs she enjoys eating! It’s not the first time we’ve done this – during British Egg Week we’ve been known to donate eggs to the whole class. We have several staff and producers who are members of Slimming World and have had great success in losing weight. That includes one of our producers who was Slimmer of the month recently – you know who you are! Ian from Lakes Free Range Egg Co

Claire took brave steps to join Slimming World and lost more than 15 stone. The transformation left her less than half her original size and twice as confident. Slimming World Consultant Andrea Brough hopes that Claire’s story will encourage people who have a large amount of weight to lose, to make that first step into a class.

Andrea Brough has been a Slimming World Consultant for seven years and has helped hundreds of people lose the pounds then maintain at a healthy weight, but Claire is her first class member person to lose over fifteen stone. Andrea said “that first step into a class is very daunting, especially for people with a great deal to lose. I’m really keen to reach out to that group of people, they often feel scared or embarrassed to join us – and they’ll sometimes even ask if my scales are big enough. Our new scales will weigh up to 47 stones, so I am confident that won’t be an issue and our group is very supportive.Andrea and Claire


“Like many new members, Claire was very shy; she sat quietly at the back and listened. In her first week, she lost over half a stone and she was very motivated from the start. Her weight loss has been consistent from week one, and she has enjoyed making healthier meals and finding a new level of energy.  Claire has truly transformed her life and planned her progress and goals well.”

Very aware that her journey would lead to excess skin, Claire bravely joined the gym when she lost her first five stone and has worked hard to tone her body.

Claire has been voted the Penrith class Slimming World Woman of the Year twice and she is a fantastic advocate for those who have a lot to lose. Commenting on her success, Claire said “Andrea and the group have been so supportive from day one. Slimming World is about a healthy way of eating, it’s not about faddy diets and cabbage leaves.  Staying to the group session has proved to be so important, at the start it gave me ideas for meals and has really helped keep me on plan and of course, eggs feature in the plan every week. It was so supportive to receive packs of the Laid With Love eggs – they’re a quick supper or breakfast when you don’t have a lot of time. Anyone interested in finding out more about Penrith Slimming World Classes at Castletown can call Andrea Brough on 0788 9719 443 or email ma.brough96@gmail.com