Lakes Free Range Eggs - 12 pack

A mixed weight box of eggs tastes just as good – so we’ve launched a 12 pack mixed weight pack in Cranston’s

What size eggs do you buy?
Bigger is not always better. Have you ever thought about why you buy the eggs you buy? Large, medium or small? Hens naturally lay smaller eggs when they are younger and the size increases as birds get bigger. If you want to support what hens do naturally, perhaps you should consider buying a mixed weight or medium egg box.

Did you know:

About 13bn eggs are eaten in Britain every year with the average UK consumer consuming 196 eggs. But shoppers prefer to buy large or very large eggs rather than medium or mixed weight boxes.

A free range hen will typically lay 55% large or very large eggs and 45% medium, smalls and second quality eggs. This imbalance has been exacerbated by the hot weather which leads to hens eating less food and producing smaller, medium-sized eggs.

Consumers are choosing large – which means medium eggs – which are just as nutritious and tasty – are worth less at the farm gate and more will be sent for processing rather than sold as a fresh shell egg.

BFREPA said “We would love to see more consumer buying medium or mixed weight boxes of eggs which contain medium and large eggs. It supports what hens lay naturally.”

The Lakes  MIXED weight 12 egg pack of eggs.

We introduced a mixed weight box of eggs in local independent retailer – Cranston’s the butcher and maker. They’re selling well in the run-up to Christmas because they can be used for breakfasts as well as baking. It makes no difference what size egg if you are frying or scrambling – and did you know, the difference in size is in the volume of egg white?

What is the best size egg for baking?

Hen’s eggs come in different sizes, which are defined by weight, rather than volume (S, 45g; M, 53g; L, 63g; XL, 73g). We’ve looked at a lot of recipes and they usually call for large eggs, unless otherwise stated. If you can’t find the size that the recipe calls for, make sure you’re using the right volume.

Why not try a mixed pack or some medium eggs – they’re great value and still as tasty.