Great to see 3 millionth tree planted with Sainsbury’s and The Woodland Trust

We took a trip to Langley Vale Wood near Epsom this week, to be as part of a symbolic tree planting event that marks the 3 millionth tree planted by the Woodland Trust – all thanks to donations from Sainsbury’s from the sale of their ‘Woodland Eggs’.

The 640-acre wood is part of a woodland project to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War and is being developed inside the M25. The grassy fields and rolling hills are gradually being transformed into a peaceful place with natural habitats.  The Woodland Trust hope to plant 200,000 native trees including Beech, Rowan, Hawthorne and Oak as well as creating carpets of striking wild flowers.

Ten thousand trees have already been planted by school children – something we emulate at home here in Cumbria where we get involved in planting trees with primary schools. (The tree saplings are donated by the Woodland Trust who encourage community tree planting in March and November.)team planting tree

Egg sales result in a regiment of trees as a memorial to WW

Here at The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, we’ve been planting trees on our hen ranges for 25 years and now work closely with Sainsbury’s. This ceremony to mark the start of the 1st World War was also quite poignant for us as a family – for many years I served in the forces as an RAF Harrier Jet Pilot. It was therefore a privilege to be invited to join a small group from Sainsbury’s and the Woodland Trust to celebrate the 3 millionth tree planted because of the money raised from the sale of eggs produced by hens that are free to roam in woodlands.

We planted beech trees with Baroness Young – Chair of the Woodland Trust and a team from Sainsbury’s – CEO Mike Coupe, Brand Director Judith Batchelar and local store colleague Charlie Sonnex.

You can find out more about the Woodland Trust Centenary Appeal by following this link Woodland Trust Centenary Woods