Healthy egg sales are helping in the fight against cancer, thanks to money donated from Laid With Love ® – a ‘pink’ brand of eggs.  Tesco shoppers putting Laid With Love® eggs into their trollies are helping raise a healthy sum for cancer research – the latest donation of £4,000 has been handed over to Cancer Research UK.

Laid with Love® free-range eggs from The Lakes Free Range Egg Company at Stainton, were originally launched in Cumbrian Tesco stores and have since been rolled out to a growing number of Tesco stores across the North West. The brand pledges to donate 2p per dozen to cancer research and the latest cheque for £4,000 was presented to Cancer Research UK at the Tesco Carlisle store.

Tesco Carlisle Store Manager Phil Pearson has always been a keen advocate of this egg brand, supporting it from the earliest launch days; Phil said “Laid With Love is a fantastic product; the eggs are produced locally, have a great taste and puts raising money for cancer research firmly on our shelves. Our staff is very much behind supporting cancer research too and we always see the Laid With Love team at the Cancer Research UK Race for Life.”

The Laid With Love® brand was created by The Lakes Free Range Egg Company at Stainton near Penrith; they work with local producers in and around Cumbria. The hens are fed on an enriched diet that includes Lutein (a Marigold extract), which is a natural anti-oxidant; research indicates positive health benefits of Lutein – fighting everything from cancer prevention to eyesight problems and aging.

David Brass Chief Executive at the Lakes Free Range Egg Company said “We wanted to develop a brand that delivers on lots of levels, from ensuring the best ethical and environmental provenance to creating a really healthy, tasty egg, and going even further by supporting cancer research. Eggs have become a ‘superfood’, part of our everyday healthy diet – that means over 34 million eggs are now eaten each day. It’s very encouraging for Laid With Love because people are more likely to switch to a brand that donates to charity.”

Laid With Love present cheque to CRUK with TescoThe balance of donations to Cancer Research UK collected from the Tesco sales has grown again – this latest cheque takes the Tesco/Laid With Love® donation balance to £7,500.

Natasha Patel, Local Fundraising Manager for Cancer Research UK said “We would like to say a huge thank you to Laid With Love for their generous donation of £4,000, which will contribute towards our vital research that is helping to beat cancer sooner.”

Picture: Cancer Research UK Cumbrian representatives (Liz Tinkler, Helen Stobart and Edwina  Sorkin) receive the £4,000 donation from Tesco Rosehill Store team  Phil Pearson (Manager) and Kelly Crombie, with Helen Brass – Company Secretary of The Lakes Free Range Egg Co who produce the Laid With Love® eggs.