Champion Egg thrower’s donation to Eden Mencap

Celebrating the strong arm of Sainsbury’s in the Eden Egg Throwing Championships, the Lakes Free Range Egg Company visited the Penrith Sainsbury’s store to hand over a donation to Eden Mencap – the stores nominated charity.

Sainsbury’s became the first retailer to win the Eden Egg Throwing Retail Challenge which took place at the Penrith RUFC Family Fun day earlier this year.

The winning Sainsbury’s Egg Throwing Team featured Fiona Bowness and Alison Morton who threw and caught a raw egg with a winning distance of 21 metres. The Family Fun Day event raised around £2,750 to help support the local rugby club.

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company offered a prize of £50 to be donated to the winning retailer’s charity of choice.  Eden Mencap has been selected as the Penrith Sainsbury’s charity of the year and they were invited down to the store to collect their cheque